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Stereo preamplifier with tone control

Here is the circuit diagram of an excellent stereo preamplifier with tone control using the IC TDA1524 from Phillips. The IC requires very few external components, has very low noise and has a wide power supply voltage range. POTs R1 to R4 can be used for controlling the volume, balance, bass and treble respectively. LED is D1 is a power ON indica visit page.

Tone control and surround digitally controlled audio processor with AGC

Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA7443:Download

Tone Control Subwoofer Low Pass Filter IC

CMOS Technology2 - Channel Input3 - Channel Output (Including 1 stereo Output and Subwoofer Output)Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD<0.01%, Subwoofer THD<0.2%)High S/N Ratio (S/N Ratio <-87dB, A-weighting)Least External ComponentsAdjustment of Frequency response by changing the value of the external componentSingle Power Supply: 3 to 8.5 VoltsAvailable in 20 pins, DIP or SO PackageMulti-Media 3D Satellite Speaker and Subwoofer SystemCar AudioAudio EquipmentSound CardOther Electrical Audio Equipment

Amplifier circuit with Tone Control

Description A Motorola TCA5500 or TCA5550 can provide a stereo preamplifier system with tone controls. This circuit provides a gain of about 10X, a 14-dB tone-control range, a 75-dB volume control range, and it can operate from 8 to 18 Vdc. IC2 provides 15 V for ICl, and the input of IC2 can be supplied from the power amplifier`s power supply (+) rail. Dl and R5 should be used if over 30 V input will be used. Circuit Diagram

Baxandall Tone-Control Audio Amplifier

Description This circuit exploits the high slew rate, high input impedance, and high output-voltage capability of CA3140 BiMOS op amp. It also provides mid-band unity gain with standard linear potentiometers.
Circuit Diagram

Tone control circuit

Description A simple single-transistor circuit will give approximately 15 dB boost or cut at 100 Hz and 15 kHz respectively. A low noise audio type transistor is used, and the output can be fed directly into any existing amplifier volume control to which the tone control is to be fitted Circuit Diagram