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How to match subwoofers and amplifiers

The secret to great bass is making sure your subwoofers and amp are evenly matched and will properly work together. And this article will help you figure out how to do just that — match amplifiers and subwoofers. We cover the important basics of power-matching, impedance, and planning for the number of subs you want, and we approach the situation from both sides of the system: Part A: You have the subs, which amp should you get?Part B: You have the amp, which subs should you get? Start with either part you want, but they're both worth a read. Part A
You have the subs, which amp should you get?The subs need to be the same
Multiple subs wired together must be the same coil type and impedance. If they’re not, the power won’t divide evenly between them, and some subs would probably be over-powered while others get under-powered. If you want to run different types of subs in a system, each type needs to have its own separate amp. Step 1: How much power? Find out the “watts RMS” rating of …