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Subwoofer Design Software

Bandpass Designer Software calculates 4th order bandpass theoretical enclosures and boxes.

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Input Parameters:

The following Theile Small speaker parameters are required for input. These values should be included with your speaker manual or can be found on the manufacture's web site. 
Qts -  Total Q of the speakerQes - Speaker electrical QFs - Free air resonance of speaker in HzVas - Volume of air equal to the speakers spring characteristics in litersPmax - Maximum power of the driver in wattsDiameter - The diameter of the driver in cmXmax - The amount of cone movement in one direction in mmDp - Diameter of the port(s) in cmPorts - Number of ports

The following speaker parameters are user defined inputs. These values should be inputted by user preference. 
Gain: dB increase of the system:
S: RippleS = 0.5 - Degraded response pronounced rippleS = 0.6 - Slightly degraded response slight rippleS = 0.7 - Best transient response no ripple