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Stereo TV Decoder Circuit

A simple stereo tv decoder circuit build with MC1310P. Transistor Q1 is an audio amplifier and U1 is used as a 31. 5KHz subcarrier which is similar to 38KHz FM MPX. Pilot frequency is 15. 734KHz. No, it cannot be used with the to decode the stereo signal. Radio stereo signal has a different frequency. The MC1310P is used in the SAE 3200 Stereo FM visit page. tuner. There are newer and better IC`s today. LM4500 Bob in the FM Tuner group makes a kit with PC board for this one.

Stereo Tv Decoder Circuit

Ql is an audio amplifier and Ul is used as a 31.5-kHz subcarrier, which is similar to 38-kHz FM MPX. Pilot frequency is 15.734 kHz.