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Stereo/dual TV sound decoder circuit

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The TDA3803A is a stereo/dual TV sound decoder circuit with static switching for processing two AF signals in TV and VCR equipment. The LOW/HIGH static switching signals control the AF output selector. Two operational amplifiers perform bandpass filtering of the identification signals. Features: Amplification of the two AF input signals by integrated operational amplifiersLow distortion stereo de-matrixAll operational amplifiers offset compensatedDe-emphasis with operational amplifiers, preferably applied to the output terminalsTwo output ports each with two channels for headphones and loudspeakersDual sound information at one port, each port individually switchable from sound I to sound II and sound II to sound IMute function; while mute is active, it is possible to connect an external mono AF input signal to pin 10 appearing at pins 20 to 23.Identification without additional signals (horizontal etc.)Circuit diagram: Datasheet for TDA3803: Download