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200 W mono bridge amplifier TDA7572

Features: Input stage and gain compressorOver-modulation protection and current limitingModulatorDACStep-upMode controlDiagnostics / safetyPower control

General Description:
TDA7572 is a highly integrated, highly versatile, semi-custom IC switch mode audio amplifier. It integrates audio signal processing and power amplification tailored for standalone remote bass box applications, while providing versatility for full bandwidth operation in either automotive or  consumer audio environments. It's configured as  one full bridge channel, using two clocked PWM  modulators driving external, complementary FET's. Broad operating voltage is supported, allowing operation from both 14 V and 42 V automotive power buses, as well as from split supplies for consumer electronics use. A current mode control boost converter controller is provided to allow high power operation in a 14 V environment. Turn-on and turn-off transients are minimized by soft muting/unmuting and careful control of offsets…