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3.0 W mono class-D audio amplifier

General description:
     The SA58672 is a mono, filter-free class-D audio amplifier which is available in a 9 bump WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip-Size Package) and 10-terminal HVSON packages. The SA58672 features shutdown control. Improved immunity to noise and RF rectification is increased by high PSRR and differential circuit topology. Fast start-up time and very small WLCSP package makes it an ideal choice for both cellular handsets and PDAs. The SA58672 delivers 1.7 W at 5 V and 800 mW at 3.6 V into 8 Ω. It delivers 3.0 W at 5 V and 1.6 W at 3.6 V into 4 Ω. The maximum power efficiency is excellent at 90 % into 8 Ω and 84 % to 88 % into 4 Ω. The SA58672 provides thermal and short-circuit shutdown protection.
Circuit Diagram: