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TDA8950 Audio Amplifier 2x150W

TDA8950 general description:

The TDA8950 is a high-efficiency Class D audio power amplifier. The typical output power is 2 × 150 W with a speaker load impedance of 4 Ω. The TDA8950 is available in both HSOP24 and DBS23P power packages. The amplifier operates over a wide supply voltage range from ±12.5 V to ±40 V and features low quiescent current consumption. TDA8950 Audio Amplifier 2x150W

TDA8950 features:

Pin compatible with TDA8920B for both HSOP24 and DBS23P packagesSymmetrical operating supply voltage range from ±12.5 V to ±40 VStereo full differential inputs, can be used as stereo Single-Ended (SE) or monoBridge-Tied Load (BTL) amplifierHigh output power in typical applications:SE 2 × 150 W, RL4 Ω (VP = ±37 V)SE 2 × 170 W, RL4 Ω (VP = ±39 V)SE 2 × 100 W, RL6 Ω (VP = ±37 V)BTL 1 × 300 W, RL8 Ω (VP = ±37 V)Low noiseSmooth pop noise-free start-up and switch offZero dead time switchingFixed frequencyInternal or external clockHigh efficiencyLow quiescent currentAdvanced protection strategy:…