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TDA8927/TDA8929 Audio Amplifier 2x80W

TDA8927/TDA8929 general description: The TDA8927 is the switching power stage of a two-chip set for a high efficiency class-D audio power amplifier system. The system is split into two chips: TDA8927J/ST/TH; a digital power stage in a DBS17P,
RDBS17P or HSOP24 power package
TDA8929T; the analog controller chip in a SO24package.

With this chip set a compact 2 × 80 W audio amplifier system can be built, operating with high efficiency and very low dissipation. No heatsink is required, or depending on supply voltage and load, a very small one. The system operates over a wide supply voltage range from ±15 up to ±30 V and consumes a very low quiescentcurrent.
TDA8927/TDA8929 features:High efficiency (>94%)Operating voltage from ±15 to ±30 VVery low quiescent currentHigh output powerShort-circuit proof across the load, only in combination with controller TDA8929TDiagnostic outputUsable as a stereo Single-Ended (SE) amplifier or as a mono amplifier in Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) Electrostatic disch…