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4 x 45 W power amplifier

General description
The TDA8593J is a complementary quad BTL audio power amplifier made in BCDMOS technology. It contains four independent amplifiers in Bridge Tied Load (BTL) configuration. Through the I2C-bus, the diagnostic information of each amplifier and speaker can be read separately. Both front and both rear channel amplifiers can be configured independently in line driver mode with a gain of 20 dB.
I2C-bus controlHardware programmable I2C-bus addressCan drive a 2 Ω load with a battery voltage of up to 16 V and a 4 Ω load with a battery voltage of up to 18 VDC-load detection: open, short and presentAC-load (tweeter) detectionProgrammable clip detection: 1 % or 3 %Programmable thermal protection pre-warningIndependent short-circuit protection per channelLow gain line driver mode (20 dB)Loss-of-ground and open VP safeAll outputs protected from short-circuit to ground, to VP, or across the loadAll pins protected from short-circuit to groundSoft thermal clipping to prevent a…