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4 x 50 Watt power amplifier and multiple voltage regulator

FEATURES I2C-bus controlCan drive a 2 Ω load with a battery voltage of up to 16 V and a 4 Ω load with a battery voltage of up to 18 VDC load detection, open, short and presentAC load (tweeter) detectionProgrammable clip detect; 1 % or 4 %Programmable thermal protection pre-warningIndependent short-circuit protection per channelLow gain line driver mode (20 dB)Loss-of-ground and open VP safeAll outputs protected from short-circuit to ground, to VP or across the loadAll pins protected from short-circuit to groundSoft thermal-clipping to prevent audio holesLow battery detection.Voltage regulators

If connection to the battery voltage is reversed, all regulator voltages will be zeroAble to withstand voltages at the output of up to 18 V (supply line may be short-circuited)Thermal protection to avoid thermal breakdownLoad-dump protectionRegulator outputs protected from DC short-circuit to ground or to supply voltageAll regulators protected by foldback current limitingPower switches p…