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TDA8580 Multi-purpose power amplifier 4 x 20 W


Operating voltage from 8 to 28 VLow distortionFew external components, fixed gainHigh output powerCan be used as a stereo amplifier in bridge-tied load (BTL) or quad single-ended (SE) amplifiersSingle-ended mode without loudspeaker capacitorMute and standby mode with one- or two-pin operationDiagnostic information for Dynamic Distortion Detector (DDD), high temperature (145 °C) and short-circuitNo switch on/off plops when switching between‘standby’ to ‘mute’ and from ‘mute’ to ‘on’Low offset variation at outputs between ‘mute’ and ‘on’Fast mute on supply voltage drops.

Reverse polarity safeShort-circuit proof to ground, positive supply voltage on all pins and across loadESD protected on all pinsThermal protection against temperatures exceeding 150 °CLoad dump protectionProtected against open-circuit ground pins and output short-circuited to supply ground.

The TDA8580 is a stereo bridge-tied load (BTL) or a quad single-ended amplifier that operates ov…