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Class-H high-output voltage level line driver

General Description: The TDA8576T is a two channel class-H high-output voltage line driver for use in car audio applications. The line driver operates as a non-inverting amplifier with a gain of 6 dB and a single-ended output. Due to the class-H voltage lifting principle the voltage swing over the load is more than the supply voltage. With a supply voltage of 9 V the output voltage swing over the load will be more than 14 V (peak-to-peak). The TDA8576T is available in a SO16 package. Line drivers are necessary in car audio systems in which the power amplifiers are driven by long cables. The signal-to-noise ratio of these car audio systems is improved by using the TDA8576T class-H high-output level line driver. The high-output level of TDA8576T enables a reduction of the gain of the power amplifier resulting in an improvement of the power amplifier performance. Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA8576:Download