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TDA8566 2x40 W/2 Ω stereo BTL car radio power amplifier

Description of TDA8566:

The TDA8566 is an integrated class-B output amplifier which is available in several packages. TDA8566TH is contained in a 20-lead small outline plastic package. The  TDA8566TH1 is a 24-lead small outline plastic package which is pin compatible with the 2C-bus controlled amplifier TDA1566TH for one board layout. TDA8566Q is a 17-pin DIL-bent-SIL package. The device contains 2 amplifiers in a Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) configuration. The output power is 2 × 25 W in a 4 Ω load or 2 × 40 W in a 2 Ω load. It has a differential input stage and 2 diagnostic outputs. The device is primarily developed for car radio applications.
Features TDA8566: Differential inputsVery high Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)High common mode input signal handlingRequires very few external componentsHigh output power4 Ω and 2 Ω load driving capabilityLow offset voltage at outputFixed gainDiagnostic facility (distortion, short-circuit and temperature pre-warning)Good ripple rejectionMode select swit…