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TDA8560Q Audio amplifier 2x40W

TDA8560Q general description:Unfortunately, some of the proposed scheme in the network and even a scheme recommended by the developer (Philips), fail to achieve the desired result. As an example of how not to suggest that you include the TDA8560 material published on Online Soldering: Car Amplifier 2x40 Watt (I should note that everything except the input circuits and the number of points on diet, still deserves attention). the initial inclusion of IMS (at power up, the load is connected and there is no input signal) can throw you into a state of perplexity / mild shock (it depends on the degree of hope is for your TDA). Chip is unstable, there are noises when the input signal is amplified last weakly and passed with distortions. IC bypass surgery fixed resistor at the input, the other measures in consultation with the source device does not help. Why and what to do? Really caught Palen chip and will have to buy a new one? Not so fast! The fact that Philips did not include measures t…