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TDA8559T Low-voltage stereo headphone amplifier

General description for TDA8559T:
The TDA8559T is a stereo amplifier that operates over a wide supply voltage range from 1.9 V to 30 V and consumes a very low quiescent current. This makes it suitable for battery fed applications (2 × 1.5 V cells). Because of an internal voltage buffer, this device can be used with or without a capacitor connected in series with the load. It can be applied as a headphone amplifier, but also as a mono amplifier with a small speaker (25 Ω), or as a line driver in mains applications.
Features for TDA8559T:
Operating voltage from 1.9 V to 30 VVery low quiescent currentLow distortionFew external componentsDifferential inputsUsable as a mono amplifier in Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) or stereo Single-Ended (SE)Single-ended mode without loudspeaker capacitorMute and Standby modeShort-circuit proof to ground, to supply voltage (< 10 V) and across loadNo switch on or switch off clicksSD protected on all pins
Applications for TDA8559T:
Portable telephonesMP3 playersPortabl…