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4 x 50 W TDA7567

Multipower BCD technology MOSFET output power stage DMOS power output Differential Input New high efficiency (class SB) High output power capability 4x28 W/4  @  14.4 V, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 4x50 W MAX power  Max. output power 4x72 W/2  Full I2C bus driving: Independent front/rear soft play/mute Selectable gain 26 dB /16 dB (for low noise line output function) High efficiency enable/disable I2C bus digital diagnostics (including DC and AC load detection) Operates both in I2C and non-I2C bus mode Two selectable I2C bus addresses Full fault protection DC offset detection Four independent short circuit protection Clipping detector pin with selectable threshold (2 %/10 %) Standby/mute pin Linear thermal shutdown with multiple thermal warning ESD protection
The TDA7567PD is a new BCD technology quad bridge power amplifier in PowerSO36 package specially intended for automotive applications.Thanks to the DMOS output stage the TDA7567PD has a very low distortion allowing a clear powerful sound. A…