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High efficiency 2 × 25 W/4 Ω stereo car radio power amplifier

Low dissipation due to switching from Single-Ended (SE) to Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) mode Differential inputs with high Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) Mute/standby/operating (mode select pin) Load dump protection circuit Short-circuit safe to ground, to supply voltage and across load Loudspeaker protection circuit Offset detection for each channel Device switches to single-ended operation at excessive junction temperatures Thermal protection at high junction temperature (170°C) Clip detection at THD = 2.5 % Diagnostic information (clip/protection/prewarning/offset).
The TDA1564 is a monolithic power amplifier in a 17-lead single-in-line (SIL) plastic power package. It contains two identical 25 W amplifiers. The dissipation is minimized by switching from SE to BTL mode, only when a higher output voltage swing is needed. The device is primarily developed for car radio applications.
Circuit diagram:

PCB Layout: