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12 W car radio power amplifier

General Description
The TDA1020 is a monolithic integrated 12 W audio amplifier in a 9-lead single in-line (SIL) plastic package. The device is primarily developed as a car radio amplifier. At a supply voltage of VP= 14,4 V, an output power of 7 W can be delivered into a 4 Ω load and 12 W into 2 Ω. To avoid interferences and car ignition signals coming from the supply lines into the IC, frequency limiting is used beyond the audio spectrum in the preamplifier and the power amplifier. The maximum supply voltage of 18 V makes the IC also suitable for mains-fed radio receivers, tape recorders or record players. However, if the supply voltage is increased above 18 V (< 45 V), the device will not be damaged (load dump protected). Also a short-circuiting of the output to ground (a.c.) will not destroy the device. Thermal protection is built-in. As a special feature, the circuit has a low stand-by current possibility.
Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA1020:Download