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TDA7294 150 W Power Amplifier

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TDA Amplifier Circuit stereo 150W

The TDA8950 is a high-efficiency Class D audio power amplifier. The typical output power is 2 × 150 W with a speaker load impedance of 4 Ω. The TDA8950 is available in both HSOP24 and DBS23P power packages. The amplifier operates over a wide supply voltage range from ±12.5 V to ±40 V and features low quiescent current consumption. The TDA8950 is a two-channel audio power amplifier that uses Class D technology. For each channel, the audio input signal is converted into a digital PWM signal using an analog input stage and a PWM modulator. To drive the output power transistors, the digital PWM signal is fed to a control and handshake block and to highand low-side driver circuits. This level-shifts the low-power digital PWM signal from a logic level to a high-power PWM signal switching between the main supply lines. A 2nd-order low-pass filter converts the PWM signal to an analog audio signal that can be used to drive a loudspeaker.

TDA Amplifier Circuit
TDA Amplifier Circuit 

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TDA Amplifier Circuit