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100W Audio Amplifier with MUTE/ST-BY

General description:
VS - Supply Voltage (No Signal) ±50 VIO - Output Peak Current 10 APtot - Power Dissipation Tcase= 70°C 50 WTop - Operating Ambient Temperature Range 0 to 70 °CTstg,- Tj Storage and Junction Temperature 150 °C
Amplifier circuit diagram:

Layout circuit diagram:

Schematic Audio Amplifier with IC TDA2030

This schematic is great for those of you who frequent of use IC TDA2030. In addition to the simple schematic is also very clear , in modification accurate enough to make a sound that is more clear, soft , and loud. And if you interest to try this schematic. See this circuit , datsheet ic TDA2030 and TDA 2040 , and IC TDA2030 equation below :

Datasheet IC TDA2030 Vcc                = 6-18 V Pout               = 14 W RL                  = 4 Ohm Ft                   = 20hz - 20Khz Icco                = 40 mA Package         = TO-220 Manufactered = TELEFUNKEN
Datasheet IC TDA2040 Vcc                = 3-20 V Pout               = 20 W RL                  = 4 Ohm Ft                   = 20hz - 20Khz Icco                = 40 mA Package         = TO-220 Manufactered = PHILIPS

Surround Amplifier Circuit with TDA7053

Perhaps the surround amplifier circuit below is an interesting circuit is made. For, making easy just by using the IC and electrolytic capacitor added 1 , we already can hear the strains of music with sound ( Front Left ,Right and surround Right , Left. In addition to listening to music , this amplifier is also very suitable for gamers who want good sound quality. Minimum voltage requred 9 volts and maximum of 15 volts. Power Output of each speaker 10 Watt with 4 ohm impedance.