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Car Subwoofers

Bazooka BTA6100 Subwoofer Enclosure Tube
Subwoofer enclosure tube gives vehicle owners an easy way to add a subwoofer to their audio setup. Like all subwoofers, the BTA6100 provides the bass, allowing listeners to scale back the bass on the other speakers, which means they can play them louder with less distortion.

Universal Subwoofer Enclosure
The universal subwoofer enclosure provides the perfect box for a truck, fitting easily behind the vehicle seat. Otherwise, the box can also find use behind the back seat of a car. The Obcon Dual 12 offers a premium MDF build with a Tri-lock joint construction. It also utilizes the Labyrinth Power Port for greatly increased bass sound.

More design Car Subwoofers

Car Subwoofer

Car Subwoofer, for all people is a big gadget what love in your car. If you have a vehicle, the audio system is stronger bass sound that many audio enthusiasts desire. But subwoofers need more than a low-range speaker to perform well. The enclosures they sit in can play a huge part in the subwoofer's sound. help separate the sound waves generated by the rear of the diaphragm on the speaker from that produced at the front of the speaker. Otherwise, the two sounds would create distortion, echo, and reverberation, ruining the listening experience.

So in your car can put this design:
1. Design of car subwoofer with dual chamber.
This style is designed and built for deep bass performance. Offering a dual chamber and shared slot port vent design, 5/8-inch MDF construction, making for a durable speaker. Simple to setup and easy to use, the enclosure provides a sturdy box constructed of quality materials.

2. Design of car subwoofer with screwed down terminal cups

From the provider of super…

How to Build a Subwoofer Box

Building a subwoofer box is the foundation of your new car audio system . In this video I will show you different techniques that will make your sub enclosure perfect and help it sound even better!

140 watt subwoofer circuit diagram

140 watt subwoofer circuit diagram

100 watt subwoofer for home circuit diagram

Circuit Diagram

1000W Power Amplifier

Circuit Description 1000W Power Amplifier: Power amplifier has up to 1000 Watt power, this circuit made one channel only so if you want to create a stereo in it must be made one again, actually this is more suitable power amplifier in use for Sound System or outdoor, so if only in use for the house I think is less suitable. Maybe you've seen or even have an active speaker and there is written 1500 watts PMPO (Peak Music Power Output), make no mistake this is different from Power Amplifier Active Speaker, I often dismantle such Active Speaker in it only a power with power no more than 150 watts by using the transformer 2-3 Ampere. PMPO is not a real power which is issued by the Power Amplifier, but counting all the speakers that there is, for example: if there are 5 pieces of speakers on each channel and each speaker has a power of 10 W then it is 100 W PMPO.

Circuit Diagram 1000W Power Amplifier:

Partlist 1000W Power Amplifier:

While this 1000 Watt Power Amplifier minimal use transf…

200 Watt Stereo Car Amplifier

Circuit Description
IC TA8210AH By using this you can apply a series of audio power amplifier is the car audio system. In general, all the speakers in the car using a subwoofer speaker, and woofer. Because the car is not big room so the sound is being required is not too high. Audio amplifier circuit can work at a minimum voltage 12-volt DC, if supplied under voltage 12-voltamplifier work will be less than the maximum. This amplifier output power up to 200W or 2 x 100W stereo with 8 ohm impedance. Circuit Diagram
Part List :
R1 =1K
R2 =50K trim
R3 =1K
R4 =50K trim
R5 =680R
R6 =680R
R7 =150K
R8 =2R2
R9 =2R2

C1 =1uF
C2 =1uF
C3 =47uF
C4 =47uF
C5 =100n/400V
C6 =220uF
C7 =220uF
C8 =100n/400V
C9 =100n/400V

Intregated Circuit

X2-3=in R
X2-1=in L
X1-1,X1-2=Out R
X1-3,X1-4=Out L