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Stereo 210 Watt Audio Amplifier

Circuit Diagam


2×160 W at 10% THD+N Into 8-Ω BTL 2×210 W at 10% THD+N Into 6-Ω BTL 1×300 W at 10% THD+N Into 4-Ω PBTL

High-Performance 12V 20W Stereo Amplifier

Amplifiers which run from 12V DC generally don`t put out much power and they are usually not hifi as well. But this little stereo amplifier ticks the power and low distortion boxes. With a 14. 4V supply, it will deliver 20 watts per channel into 4-ohm loads at clipping while harmonic distortion at lower power levels is typically less than 0. 03%.  visit page. via

70W Stereo Audio Amplifier

This is a stereo amplifier circuit diagram. The amplifier will produce stereo output channel with the power audio output can reach up to 70W for each channel. The amplifier built based great amplifier chip STA550 from STMicroelectronics. Take a note that this amplifier is a bridge amplifier, the speaker`s terminal should not connected to the groun visit page.

22 Watt Stereo Amplifier circuit diagram.

22 Watt Stereo Amplifier circuit diagram. This circuit can be used for audio home amplifier and car audio amplifiers. It is extremely simple design, inexpensive and very easy to build. Even a newbie hobbyst will easy assemble this circuit. The scheme given here is a car stereo amplifier circuit can be used in That car or other vehicle. The circuit is based TDA1553, which is aClass-Baudioamplifier. As you can see this circuitisverysimple, consisting onlyof theICand thecapacitor6. Here is a circuit diagram of car stereo. This 20w car audio amplifier circuit described hereoffers a20 wattboosterthatwillallow youtorealize thepower amplifierwith which one canincrease the poweroutputfromthe carstereoup to20Wattsmaximum. The inputINis connected to theoutputof thereceiver, Uoutputis connectedto the speakeras shownoncaraudioamplifierscheme. via

Derived Center-Channel Stereo System

A simple method of deriving a center or third channel without the use of an extra transformer or amplifier, (a) 4- speakers are connected to 8- amplifier taps. 8 and 16- speakers connect to 16- taps, (b) By blending the inputs it is possible to cancel out undesired crosstalk.

Stereo 50W Audio Power Amplifier

FEATURES DESCRIPTION The LM4732 is a stereo audio amplifier capable of 2 typically delivering 50W per channel of continuous The LM4732 has short circuit protection and a APPLICATIONS thermal shut down feature that is activated when the  The LM4732 also has an under voltage lock out feature for click and Each amplifier of the LM4732 has an independent KEY SPECIFICATIONS The LM4732 has a wide operating supply range from +/-10V - +/-40V allowing for lower cost unregulated power supplies to be used.

• Mute Attenuation 110dB (typ) • PSRR 89dB (typ) • Slew Rate 19V/μs (typ) • Low External Component Count • Quiet Fade-in/out Mute Mode average output power into a 4Ω or 8Ω load with less • Wide Supply Range: 20V - 80V than 10% THD+N from 20Hz - 20kHz. • Audio Amplifier for Component Stereo die temperature exceeds 150°C. • Audio Amplifier for Self-powered Speakers • Output Power/Channel at 10% THD+N, 1kHz  • Audio Amplifier for Compact Stereo pop free power on and off. • Audio Amplifier for High-e…

24 W BTL or 2 x 12 watt stereo amplifier

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The TDA1518BQ is an integrated class-B output amplifier in a 13-lead single-in-line (SIL) plastic power package. The device is primarily developed for car radio applications.  FEATURES: Requires very few external componentsFlexibility in use  stereo as well as mono BTLHigh output power (without bootstrap)Low offset voltage at output (important for BTL)Fixed gainGood ripple rejectionMute/stand-by switchLoad dump protectionA.C. and d.c. short-circuit-safe to ground and VPThermally protectedReverse polarity safeCapability to handle high energy on outputs (VP = 0 V)No switch-on/switch-off plopFlexible leadsLow thermal resistanceIdentical inputs (inverting and non-inverting)Compatible with TDA1516BQ (except gain).Circuit diagram:
Datasheet for TDA1518:Download

Hi-fi stereo audio processor

The TDA8426 is a stereo sound circuit with a loudspeaker channel facility, digital controlled via the I2C-bus, for application in hi-fi audio and television sound. Reduced spatial antiphase crosstalk (30%) makes the device especially suitable for application in projection television receivers.
Data sheet for TDA8426: Download

2 x 7 W stereo audio amplifier

General Description: The TDA8944J is a dual-channel audio power amplifier with an output power of 2 × 7 W at an 8 Ω load and a 12 V supply. The circuit contains two Bridge Tied Load (BTL) amplifiers with an all-NPN output stage and standby/mute logic. The TDA8944J comes in a 17-pin DIL-bent-SIL (DBS) power package. The TDA8944J is printed-circuit board (PCB) compatible with all other types in the TDA894x family. One PCB footprint accommodates both the mono and the stereo products. Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA8944:Download

2-W Stereo Audio Power Amplifier

DESCRIPTION: The EUA5202 is a stereo audio power amplifier that delivering 2W of continuous RMS power per channel  into 3-Ω loads. When driving 1W into 8-Ω speakers, the  EUA5202 has less than 0.04% THD+N across its  specified frequency range. Included within this device is  integrated de-pop circuitry that virtually eliminates  transients that cause noise in the speakers.  Amplifier gain is externally configured by means of two  resistors per input channel and does not require external  compensation for settings of 2 to 20 in BTL mode (1 to  10 in SE mode). An internal input MUX allows two sets  of stereo inputs to the amplifier. In notebook  applications, where internal speakers are driven as BTL  and the line (often headphone drive) outputs are required  to be SE, the EUA5202 automatically switches into SE  mode when the SE/BTL inputs is activated. Consume  only 7mA of supply current during normal operation,  and the EUA5202 also features a shutdown function for  power sensitive appl…



2 W Into 3-Ω Speakers (THD+N< 0.4%) < 0.08% THD+N at 1 W, 1 kHz, Into 4-Ω LoadExtremely Efficient Third Generation 5-V lass-D Technology:Low Supply Current (No Filter) . . . 8 mALow Supply Current (Filter) . . . 15 mALow Shutdown Current . . . 1 µALow Noise Floor . . . 56 µVRMSMaximum Efficiency Into 3 Ω, 65-70%Maximum Efficiency Into 8 Ω, 75-85%4 Internal Gain Settings . . . 8-23.5 dBPSRR . . . -77 dBIntegrated Depop CircuitryDescription: The TPA2000D2 is the third generation 5-V class-D amplifier from Texas Instruments. Improvements to previous generation devices include: lower supply current, lower noise floor, better efficiency, four different gain settings, smaller packaging, and fewer external components. The most significant advancement with this device is its modulation scheme that allows the amplifier to operate without the output filter. Eliminating the output filter saves the user approximately 30% in system cost and 75% in PCB area. The TPA2000D2 is a monoli…


Circuit Diagram:

Datasheet for TDA7313:Download

10 + 10W stereo amplifier with mute and st-by

Circuit Diagram:

Datasheet for TDA7269:Download

Audio Power Amplifier Series Stereo 60W, Mono 120W Audio Power Amplifier

Datasheet: Download

Arduino 3W Stereo Amp

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