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100 Watt Amplifier Circuit Using Transistors

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Circuit Description

     A amplifier incorporating an input filter stage, an intermediate driver stage and a powerful symmetrical output stage consisting of the versatile 2N3055 power transistors. The circuit efficiently drives a 100 watt 4 Ohms speaker with inputs derived from any audio source like a cell phone or DVD player etc.
     100 watt amplifier circuit using 2N3055 transistors, a prior understanding of the involved circuit configuration would be very handy, let’s begin the explanation with the following points:
     A quick glance at the given circuit diagram makes us conclude that the output configuration is not symmetrical, since the transistors T15 and T16 are both NPN types.
     The input stage of the circuit begins or initiates with a symmetrical differential preamplifier stage consisting of the transistors T1, T2 and T3, T4. T5 and T6 are positioned as the current sources which are further extended as the driver stage consisting of the transistors T7 and T8. However a closer inspection tells us that of course the wiring is symmetrical, having the transistors T11, T13, T15 at the upper section acting like special booster transistor package. Similarly the lower section also employs identical super booster stage consisting of the transistors T12, T14 and T16. The above two sections are perfectly complementary to each other, with reference to the diagram which indicates their emitters being terminated to a common point through the resistors R25 to R27 and via R28 to R30, this effectively that the wiring is exclusively symmetrical by nature. The output stage is able to produce a massive 200,000 times amplification factor with comparatively very low quiescent current drain.
        Though not absolutely necessary, for better thermal stability the transistors T9 and T11 and also T10 and T12 should be glued together, preferably by attaching the respective pairs face to face.

Circuit Diagram

 100 Watt Amplifier Circuit Using Transistors

Parts List


  • R1 = 430 K,
  • R2 = 47K,
  • R3 = 330 Ohms,
  • R4, R5 = 12 K ,
  • R6, R7, R20, R21, R22, R23, R24 = 1 Ohm, 3 Watt, Wire Wound Type
  • R8, R17 = 68 Ohms,
  • R9 = 100 K,
  • R10, R11, R12, R13 = 5K6,
  • R14, R15 = 12 K,
  • R16, R19 = 100 Ohms,
  • R25 = 10 Ohms / 2 Watts,
  • P1 = 100 Ohms Preset, Linear
  • C1 = 1 µF / 25V,
  • C2 = 1 n, CERAMIC,
  • C3, C4 = 100Pf
  • C5 = 100 n,
  • C6, C7 = 1000 uF / 35 V,
  • L1 = 20 turns of enameled 1mm copper wire over R24,
  • D1, D2 = RED LED 5mm,
  • All other diodes are = 1N4148,
  • T1 = Matching BC546 pair,
  • T2 = Matching BC556 pair,
  • T3 = BC 557B,
  • T4, T7, T8 = BC 547B,
  • T5, T12 = BC 556B,
  • T6, T9 = BC 546B,
  • T10 = BD 140  
  • T13 = BD 139  
  • T11, T14 = 2N 3055  
  • General Purpose PCB,
  • All the transistors T10, T13, T11 and T14 ae mounted on suitable heatsinks


200W Audio Amplifier

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General Description:

This complete high quality, low noise mono audio power amplifier is based around the Hybrid Integrated Circuit STK4050 manufactured by Sanyo. The circuit incorporates volume and has a maximum music output power of 200W.The circuit incorporates an on board power supply; therefore, only centre tapped transformer is required to power the circuit. I t has very good quality sound. U can use it with your Home Theatre your PC & etc... You can also use it as Subwoofer Amplifier. It is a compact package for THIN-TYPE Audio sets. Easy Heatsink design to disperse heat generated in THIN-TYPE audio sets. Constant-Current circuit to Reduce supply switch-ON and switch-OFF shock noise. External supply switch-On and switch-OFF shock noise muting, Load short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown and other circuits can be tailored-designed.


  • Output Power : 200Watts
  • Load Resistance : 8ohms
  • Input impedance : 55K
  • Maximum supply voltage : (+95v)-0-(-95v)
  • Recommended supply voltage : (+66v)-0-(-66v)

Circuit Diagram:

200 W Audio Amplifier



170W power amplifier LM4651 and LM4652

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170 Watt power amplifier is a power amplifier that is built by IC LM4651 and LM4652.

Part of this power amplifier driver using the LM4651 IC designed specifically for the purpose of the class AB amplifier driver with short circuit protection feature, containing under voltage, thermal shutdown protection and standby functions. Section 170 Watt power amplifier using LM4651 IC with a MOSFET power amplifier is equipped with temperature sensors that will be used by IC LM4651 as controlnya thermal signal. IC IC LM4651 and LM4652 are designed specifically to each other in pairs to create a class AB power amplifier with protection features are detailed. Detailed series of 170 Watt power amplifier can be seen in thethe following figure .

170W power amplifier LM4651 and LM4652
Power amplifier circuit requires supply voltages +22 V DC symmetrical 0-22V. Power Amplifier with IC LM4651 and LM4652 are often used in portable HiFi systems such as powered speakers, power subwoofer and car audio power Booter. D1, D2, D3 and D4 in series 170 watt power amplifier with LM4651 and LM4652 is a 22V zener diode.

Good Quality Sound Amplifier Circuit

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This amplifier circuit has a pretty good quality. Of course the sound quality, although this one amplifier does not have a large output power but in terms of soft and loud voice that this amplifier can be unreliable. With a single IC capitalize MPC576H and several other supporting components you have to make this amplifier circuit. Voltage at least 9 Volt and 24 Volt Max. Output Power 3.5 Watts with 8 Ohm impedance.

Good Quality Sound Amplifier Circuit