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Mentor Graphics PADS Software

Single PCB design tool that includes all you need to create diagrams, component placement, routing, modeling, validation, EMC, signal integrity, crosstalk and the final pre-production. The main advantage of the professional package for PCB design Mentor Graphics PADS is the relative ease of use allows you to begin working immediately with minimal training.High-performance development of complex boards combined with little time and labor, and analysis tools provide the correct result.Work on the project in PADS can be divided into four stages, for each of which correspond to certain programs. 1.To create a schematic diagram of a proposed utility PADS Logic (for single user) and DxDesigner (workgroup).Schematic editors include tools for analysis and simulation, control component library, documentation, reporting, monitoring compliance with the design rules.Program I / O Designer based DxDesigner integrates with the route of designing FPGA. 2.Analysis and verification of systems designed ca…

PCBWeb Software

Online CAD system for drawing schemes and creating printed circuit boards of electronic devices.
PCBWeb allows you to draw electrical circuit diagrams, formed on the basis of their circuit boards, export ready-made solutions in the format Gerber, necessary for their manufacture.This application consists of three main parts: Schematic, PCB and Bill of Materials. At the beginning of the user is a complete list of his projects.You can also create lists of trusted authorized users, who will have the right to open and edit a specific project.In PCBWeb all the features typical of this kind of package, in particular: editing workload (cut, copy, and delete electronic components, undo and redo actions that have occurred), changes in the characteristics of radio components, adding new circuits to an existing project, save and export operations.In addition there are features for configuring ports create multi-circuits and multilayer circuit boards, potting, design rule checking, support for metri…

Eagle Software

Eagle (Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor) - a complex program for drawing electrical circuits and printed circuit board trace electronic devices. Eagle software package consists of three main components:
1. Schematic Module, intended for the drawing of electronic circuits using standard cells.
2. Layout Editor, which allows to develop drawing PCB own.
3. Autorouter, designed to trace the PCB without user intervention It is possible to use third-party tracer exporting fee in any popular format.All transitions occur between modules within the program itself.Eagle has an extensive library of standard electronic components with a brief description, user-friendly editor element base and logic modules, check the connections and location of the components on the board.Eagle of the advantages over similar programs, experts note rollback events in any number of steps back, no problems when working on older computers, powerful scripting language, JavaScript drivers to output the result to a …

Sprint-Layout Software

Simple but at the same time very efficient software package for designing and manual PCB layout small and medium difficulty.The program is very popular among Russian radio amateurs.
The main advantage of Sprint-Layout is a user-friendly interface, which includes only the necessary tools to prepare PCB size 300 x 300 mm.The program allows you to work with two layers (conductors and labeling) for each side of the board.Additional features - solder mask layer metallization, SMD-mask.Built tracer only helps raise guides, and is not automatic.In recharged library contains the most common electronic components.In Sprint-Layout implemented the ability to export your work in popular formats Excellon and Gerber, as well as create a HPGL file for finishing PCB on software-controlled milling machine.Package widely used to manufacture boards LUT method . Program is unlikely to suit professionals, as its scope is limited by small boards with a low density of elements.But, thanks to logical and under…