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2 x 200W or 400W BTL Power Amplifier

Description STA516B is a monolithic quad half-bridge stage in multipower BCD technology. The device can be used as dual bridge or reconfigured, by connecting pin CONFIG to pins VDD, as a single  bridge with double-current capability or as a half bridge (binary mode) with half current capability. The device is designed, particularly, to be the  output stage of a stereo all digital high efficiency  amplifier. It is capable of delivering 200 W + 200 W into 6  loads with THD = 10% at VCC = 51 V or, in single BTL configuration, 400 W  into a 3 load with THD = 10% at VCC = 52 V. The input pins have a threshold proportional to the voltage on pin VL. The STA516B is aimed at audio amplifiers in hi-fi applications, such as home theatre systems, active speakers and docking stations. It comes in a 36 pin PowerSO package with exposed pad up (EPU).
Features Low input/output pulse width distortion200 m RdsON complementary DMOS output stageCMOS compatible logic inputsThermal protectionThermal warnin…