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Proteus VSM Software

The most powerful CAD system, allowing virtually simulate work a huge amount of analog and digital devices. Proteus VSM software package allows you to build a scheme of any electronic device and simulate its performance, identifying mistakes made at the design stage and tracing.The program consists of two modules. ISIS - Editor of electronic circuits, followed by imitation of their work. ARES - editor PCB autorouter equipped Electra, built-in editor libraries and automatic placement of components on the board.Besides ARES can create a three-dimensional model of the PCB. Proteus VSM includes more than 6,000 electronic components with all reference data, as well as demonstration projects study.The program has the tools and USBCONN COMPIM, which allow you to connect virtual device to the USB port and the computer COM.When connecting to these ports any external device virtual circuit will work with it as if it existed in reality.Proteus VSM supports the following compilers: CodeVisionAVR an…