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Audio power IC for mp3 Player

Overview: The AN12941A is an amplifier IC for stereo  speakers which can output 1 W by 8 Ω or 2 W by 4 Ω. The AGC circuit is built-in to prevent the resonance  or the vibration by the speaker's energy and the  clipping distortion what is called "broken up sound."  of the speakers. Also, to reduce power consumption, AN12941A  has a built-in function which automatically detects the  input signal and can automatically enter power save  mode when there is no signal. Features: Speaker amplifier is1 W × 2-channel: 8 Ω, VCC = 5 V or2 W × 2-channel: 4 Ω, VCC = 5 VBuilt-in AGC circuit Prevention of the resonance or the vibration by the speaker's energy and the clipping distortion of the speaker by AGC at excessive input signal (with AGC on/off switch).Built-in automatic power saving function It detects input signals and switches on/off (with the on/off switch for the automatic power saving).Operating supply voltage: VCC 3.0 V to 5.5 V/ VCC_SP 3.0 V to 5.5 VCircuit Diagram: