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Programming tutorial adc ARM Microcontrollers

So, the microcontrollers today offering a more and simple solution our lives. One of the controllores is LPC11Cx2. The LPC11Cx2/Cx4 are an ARM Cortex-M0 based, low-cost 32-bit MCU family, designed  for 8/16-bit microcontroller applications, offering performance, low power, simple instruction set and memory addressing together with reduced code size compared to existing 8/16-bit architectures.The LPC11Cx2/Cx4 operate at CPU frequencies of up to 50 MHz. The peripheral complement of the LPC11Cx2/Cx4 includes 16/32 kB of flash memory, 8 kB of data memory, one C_CAN controller, one Fast-mode Plus I2C-bus interface, one RS-485/EIA-485 UART, two SPI interfaces with SSP features, four general purpose counter/timers, a 10-bit ADC, and up to 40 general purpose I/O pins.On-chip C_CAN drivers and flash In-System Programming tools via C_CAN are included. In addition, the LPC11C22 and LPC11C24 parts include an on-chip, high-speed CAN transceiver.  One of intereting article you can find here www.gadg…

Signal strength indicator on the 64 LEDs

I present to you a simple project indicator audio signal, a distinctive feature of this project from others is that in the scheme for each channel I primel 32 LEDs to get the long line. At the heart device - AVR microcontroller Atmel ATmega8535, ULN2803 - 8-channel key Darlington, moreover, operational amplifiers, his appointment think it's also clear. Sensitivity indicator is adjusted by resistors R32 and R33, for each channel separately. This project is my thesis work I did a couple of years ago, when the scheme came across sharilsya in folders on your PC, and decided to send to the site.
The scheme is quite large, reduce LED designation did not, the scheme can be found below:
As for the LEDs, it is convenient to replace the special LED bars, besides, they will look better.

The entire device is going on a breadboard, PCB did not draw who liked the project can draw the circuit board and send it to the forum. All radio components in the circuit can be replaced by a similar, resis…