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LM3886 Audio Amplifier 1 x 108W

LM3886general description: According to National Semiconductor, the LM3886 is a high performance 150W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute. The performance of the LM3886, say NS, utilizing its Self Peak Instantaneous Temperature (°Ke) (SPIKe) protection circuitry, puts in a class above discrete and hybrid amplifiers by providing an inherently, dynamically protected Safe Operating Area (SOA). The LM3886T comes in an 11 (staggered-) lead non-isolated TO220 package.
We put the LM3886T schematic and an existing printed circuit board as a basis. For test purposes, the prototype of the amplifier was powered by a stabilized ±35-V supply. A maximum undistorted output power of about 63 watts into 8 ohms was obtained at a drive level of 1 Vrms. Dropping the load impedance to 4 ohms pushed the output power to no less than 108 watts. In practice, these power levels can be taken to mean ‘music power’, but do remember that the amplifier will not normally be powered from a regulated supply!

Great attent…

TDA7490 Audio Amplifier 2x25W

TDA7490general description: The TDA7490 is a dual audio class D amplifier assembled in Flexiwatt 25 package; it is specially designed for high efficiency application mainly for TV and Home Stereo sets.

TDA7490 features: 
TDA7490 amplifier diagram, circuits:

TDA7490 layout, pcb:

TDA7294 Audio Amplifier 2 x 80W

TDA7294 general description:
This circuit described here uses two cis tda 7294 for use in stereo (2 x 80Watts) or bridge mode (1x 180 Watts), to configure this setting just four jumpers. To facilitate mounting the circuit has power supply attached. The power is kind of simple symmetrical with a bridge rectifier 6A, and two large electrolytic capacitors , 10000μF the 22000μF/50v. This Power supply will for the two modules. The processor is recommended 22-0-22 to 28-0-28 / 5A, depending on the quality of the transformer is recommended at least 6 amps of current.

TDA7294 features:
High power performances with limited supply voltage level.Considerably high output power even with high load values (i.e. 16 Ohm).Rl= 8 Ohm, Vs = ±25V Pmax = 150 WRl=16Ohm, Vs = ±35V 
TDA7294 circuit diagram:

TDA7294 layout:TDA7294 pcb:

Datasheet for TDA7294:Download
Searches related to TDA7294 Audio Amplifier Circuits tda7294 bridge amplifier circuit ic tda7294 subwoofer tda7294 subwoofer schematic tda7294 single suppl…

STK4221 Audio Amplifier 2x80w

STK4221general description: The STK4221II IC from SANYO is a dual high power amplifier chip, preferably suited for compact high power audio applications, for example in cars and luxury transport vehicle audio systems. The chip provides a hassle free stereo output through a single package and a hand full of few external components, making the construction of this circuit rather easy and straightforward. However since the idea presented here does not include a CD or a memory card driver circuit, the input may be derived from readymade audio sources like an ipod, CD walkman, cellphone etc. The circuit discussed here is intended specifically for car audio applications and provides a simple alternative for  making a 100 watt car stereo amplifier circuit. The diagram may be understood with the following points: An RC network formed by R5, R6 and C3, C4 together helps to reduce and filter stray frequency interferences and is therefore included at the input of the amplifiers. Capacitors C5 and …

TDA7490 Audio Amplifier 2 x 25W / 1 x 50W

TDA7490general description:
The TDA7490 is a dual audio class D amplifier assembled in Flexiwatt 25 package; it is specially designed for high efficiency application mainly for TV and Home Stereo sets. TDA7490 Audio Amplifier 2 x 25W / 1 x 50W


TDA7490 sterio circuit diagram: TDA7490 mono circuit diagram:

TDA7490 sterio circuit pcb:

TDA7594 Audio Amplifier 50W

TDA7594 general description:
The Type IC TDA7294 from SGS-Thomson is an integrated a.f. amplifier intended for use in all sorts of hi-f application. According to the manufacturer's data sheets, chip can deliver outputs of up to 100 watt. Considering other properties, such as low noise, low distortion and reliable short-circuit and thermal protection circuits as well, the chip is indeed an interesting one. Moreover, with peak supply voltages of ±40 V and a load impedance of 4 ohm, the maximum dissipation of the IC TDA7294 will easily be exceeded. For these reasons, the supply in the present amplifier has been kept down to a safe ±30 V. At these voltages, the chip delivers, without any difficulty, 50 W into an 8 ohm load and 80 W into a 4 ohm load. These are still very respectable figures, particularly in view of the reasonable IC price. The circuit diagram of the amplifier in shows that the IC TDA7294 needs only a small number of external components. The input signal is applied to…

TDA1562Q Audio Amplifier 50W

 TDA1562Qgeneral description: Philips designers have further improved a number of properties of the IC, among which the power output. According to the Philips datasheet, the improved device, the TDA1562Q, can deliver 70 watts into 4 ohms, but that is at the cost of the distortion, which at 10 per cent is rather too high, even for in a car. The prototype of the design described in this article provides 54 watts into 4 ohms at 1 per cent distortion. Since the number of requisite external components is smaller than in the case of the earlier device, the printed-circuit board is even more compact than that for the February 1995 amplifier.

 TDA1562Q features:
Low power dissipation during reproduction of music signalsProof against short-circuitsProtection against excessive temperaturesStandby switchNo power-on or power-off clicksVisible error indicationMeasurement results (at Ub=14.4 V)Supply voltage 8–18 VSensitivity 760 mV r.m.s.Input impedance 70 kΩPower output 54 W r.m.s. into 4 Ω (f=1 kHz…

TDA7560 Audio Amplifier 4x50W

TDA7560general description:

TDA7560 is a 4 x 45W QUAD BRIDGE car audio amplifier plus HSD. The TDA7560’s inputs are ground-compatible and can stand very high input signals (± 8Vpk) without any performances degradation. If the standard value for the input capacitors (0.1mF) is adopted, the low frequency cut-off will amount to 16 Hz. The TDA7560 is a breakthrough BCD (Bipolar / CMOS / DMOS) technology class AB Audio Power Amplifierin Flexiwatt 25 package designed for high power car radio. The fully complementary P-Channel/N-Channel output structure allows a rail to rail output voltage swing which, combined with high output current and minimised saturation losses sets new power references in the car-radio field, with unparalleled distortion performances.
TDA7560 features: 4 x 50W/4W MAX.4 x 45W/4W EIAJ4 x 30W/4W @ 14.4V, 1KHz, 10%4 x 80W/2W MAX.4 x 77W/2W EIAJ4 x 55W/2W @ 14.4V, 1KHz, 10%EXCELLENT 2W DRIVING CAPABILITYHI-FI CLASS DISTORTIONLOW OUTPUT NOISETDA7560 amplifier circuit diagram: T…

TDA8922 Audio Amplifier 2 x 25W

TDA8922general description:

The TDA8922 is a high efficiency class-D audio power amplifier with very low dissipation. The typical output power is 2 × 25 W. The device is available in the HSOP24 power package with a small internal heatsink and in the DBS23P through-hole power package. Depending on the supply voltage and load conditions, a very small or even no external heatsink is required. The amplifier operates over a wide supply voltage range from ±12.5 to ±30 V and consumes a very low quiescent current. TDA8922 Audio Amplifier 2 x 25W

TDA8922 features:
High efficiency (∼90%)Operating supply voltage from ±12.5 to ±30 VVery low quiescent currentLow distortionUsable as a stereo Single-Ended (SE) amplifier or as a mono amplifier in Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) Fixed gain of 30 dB in Single-Ended (SE) and 36 dB in Bridge-Tied Load (BTL)High output powerGood ripple rejectionInternal switching frequency can be overruled by an external clockNo switch-on or switch-off plop noiseShort-circuit proof ac…

TDA7482 Audio Power Amplifier 1-channel 1 x 25W

TDA7482general description:

The TDA7482 is an audio class-D amplifier assembled in Multiwatt15 package specially designed for high efficiency applications mainly for TV and HomeStereo sets. TDA7482 Audio Amplifier 1 x 25W TDA7482 features:

TDA7482 sterio circuit layout:

LM386N Audio Power Amplifer Amplifier 1x2W

LM386N general description:

The LM386 is a power amplifier designed for use in low voltage consumer applications. The gain is internally set to 20 to keep external part count low, but the addition of an external resistor and capacitor between pins 1 and 8 will increase the gain to any value up to 200. The inputs are ground referenced while the output is automatically biased to one half the supply voltage. The quiescent power drain is only 24 milliwatts when operating from a 6 volt supply, making the LM386 ideal for battery operation. LM386N Audio Amplifier 1x2W
LM386N features:Battery operationMinimum external partsWide supply voltage range: 4V–12V or 5V–18VLow quiescent current drain: 4mAVoltage gains from 20 to 200Ground referenced inputSelf-centering output quiescent voltageLow distortion: 0.2% (AV = 20, VS = 6V, RL = 8Ω, PO =125mW, f = 1kHz)n Available in 8 pin MSOP package
LM386N circuit diagram: LM386N layout: LM386N pin layout:

NCP2890 Audio Amplifier 1W

NCP2890general description: The NCP2890 is an audio power amplifier designed for portable communication device applications such as mobile phone applications. The NCP2890 is capable of delivering 1.0 W of continuous average power to an 8.0 BTL load from a 5.0 V power supply, and 320 mW to a 4.0 BTL load from a 2.6 V power supply. The NCP2890 provides high quality audio while requiring few external components and minimal power consumption. It features a low−power consumption shutdown mode, which is achieved by driving the SHUTDOWN pin with logic low. The NCP2890 contains circuitry to prevent from “pop and click” noise that would otherwise occur during turn−on and turn−off transitions. For maximum flexibility, the NCP2890 provides an externally controlled gain (with resistors), as well as an externally controlled turn−on time (with the bypass capacitor). Due to its excellent PSRR, it can be directly connected to the battery, saving the use of an LDO. This device is available in a 9−Pin …

TDA8560Q Audio amplifier 2x40W

TDA8560Q general description:Unfortunately, some of the proposed scheme in the network and even a scheme recommended by the developer (Philips), fail to achieve the desired result. As an example of how not to suggest that you include the TDA8560 material published on Online Soldering: Car Amplifier 2x40 Watt (I should note that everything except the input circuits and the number of points on diet, still deserves attention). the initial inclusion of IMS (at power up, the load is connected and there is no input signal) can throw you into a state of perplexity / mild shock (it depends on the degree of hope is for your TDA). Chip is unstable, there are noises when the input signal is amplified last weakly and passed with distortions. IC bypass surgery fixed resistor at the input, the other measures in consultation with the source device does not help. Why and what to do? Really caught Palen chip and will have to buy a new one? Not so fast! The fact that Philips did not include measures t…