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Two-Channel 20 W BTL Audio Power Amplifier

The LA4628 is a 2-channel general-purpose BTL audio power amplifier provided in a miniature package. It was designed for the best possible audio quality and features an extended low band roll-off frequency provided by a newly-developed NF circuit that does not require an external capacitor. Furthermore, crosstalk, which can cause muddiness in the audio output, has been significantly reduced by both circuit and wiring pattern improvements. Thus this amplifier can provide powerful lows an clear highs. Note that this device is pin compatible with the 13.5 W × 2-channel LA4625, and allows end products differentiated by their power rating to share the same printed circuit board.
Features: Total output: 20 W + 20 W (at VCC = 13.5 V, RL = 4 Ω,THD = 10%)High-fidelity design (fL < 10 Hz, fH = 130 kHz)Extremely low impulse noise levelsAn arbitrary amplifier startup time can be set up with external components.Full complement of built-in protection circuits (includes circuits that prote…