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LA4440 Audio Amplifier 2x6w / 1x19W

LA4440general description:
So it's a very simple audio amplifier based on the LA4440 Integrated Circuits and this will take your computer’s headphone level output and amplify it to drive a pair of external speakers. This project is destinated for all that are listening to music or movies on laptops and computers or car. This circuit uses an LA4440 and some supporting components to give you much more power, while retaining a small package that you can use. The IC is a dual channel audio power amplifier, with low distortion, and a good frequency range.
Using 2 channels, the LA4440 will output 6 watts per channel, that can drive much larger speakers than a laptop can hold. When you set up a small enclosure(s), a 12V power supply, and an audio jack connection to the laptop you’ll have a nice enhancement to your laptop audio enjoyment.
LA4440 features:
Built-in 2 channels (dual) enabling use in stereo and bridgeamplifier applications.Dual : 6W×2 (typ.)Bridge : 19W (typ.)Minimun number of e…