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Monolitic IF amplifier

General Description:
The MC1350 is an integrated circuit featuring wide range AGC for use as an IF amplifier in radio and TV over an operating temperature range of 0° to +75°C.

Power Gain: 50 dB Typ at 45 MHZ Power Gain: 50 dB Typ at 58 MHZAGC Range: 60 dB Min, DC to 45 MHzNearly Constant Input & Output Admittance over the Entire AGC RangeY21 Constant ( –3.0 dB) to 90 MHzLow Reverse Transfer Admittance: < < 1.0 µmho Typ12 V Operation, Single–Polarity Power SupplyCircuit Diagram: Datasheet for MC1350: Download