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About audio HDMI interface

In 2002, the largest consumer electronics manufacturers such as Hitachi, Philips, Sony, Toshiba and others, proposed a new interface High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). He became the first fully digital interface for transmitting uncompressed video and audio streams, while it is backward compatible with DVI, which transmits a digital video stream.
HDMI interface is constantly evolving. Today there are several versions with different numbers. The first version of HDMI 1.0 appeared in 2002.The latest HDMI 1.3 was approved in June 2006. Each version uses the same hardware specs and cable, but offers extra capacity and the types of information that can be transmitted via HDMI. For example, HDMI 1.0 supports a maximum speed of 4.9 Gbit / s, while HDMI 1.3 - has 10.2 Gb / s.
Below is a summary of the versions of HDMI.
HDMI 1.0 - 12/2002  One cable for transmitting digital stream audio / video with maximum throughput of 4.9 Gb / s. Supports video stream up to 165 megapixels per second (…