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Guitar vocal adaptor amp

What’s more, unpredictable feedback may cause damage to the speakers and is very unpleasant on the ear. This cheap little  easy-to-build project can help solve these technical  problems. How many amateur music groups sing  through an amp borrowed from a guitarist or bass player? These days, music is a major hobby for the young and not-so-young. Lots of people  enjoy  making  music,  and  more  and  more dream of showing off their talents on stage. But one of the major problems often encountered is the cost of musical equipment. A guitar (or bass guitar) amplifier is designed first and foremost to reproduce the sound of the guitar or bass as faithfully as  possible.This is where the technical problems arise not in terms of the .25” (6.3 mm)  jack, but in terms of the sound quality (the words  are barely understandable) and volume (the amp  seems to produce fewer decibels than for a guitar).  That’s  just what this circuit attempts to do. The frequency response of the amp doesn’t need to…