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I 2C-bus controlled multistandard alignment-free IF-PLL demodulator with FM radio

FEATURES: • 5 V supply voltage • Gain controlled wide-band Vision Intermediate Frequency (VIF) amplifier, AC-coupled • Multistandard true synchronous demodulation with active carrier regeneration: very linear demodulation, good intermodulation figures, reduced harmonics, and excellent pulse response • Gated phase detector for L and L-accent standard • Fully integrated VIF Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), alignment-free, frequencies switchable for all negative and positive modulated standards via I2C-bus • Digital acquisition help, VIF frequencies of 33.4, 33.9, 38.0, 38.9, 45.75, and 58.75 MHz • 4 MHz reference frequency input: signal from Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) tuning system or operating as crystal oscillator • VIF Automatic Gain Control (AGC) detector for gain control, operating as peak sync detector for negative modulated signals and as a peak white detector for positive modulated signals • VIF-AGC monitor output at pin OP2 • External VIF-AGC setting via pin OP1 • Precise fully digital A…