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Five Band Graphic Equalizer circuit

Other one unit of graphic EQ. five bands. The basic difference with the other circuits is, that I use instead of IC, transistor and the power supply, go up in +/- 24V DC, ensuring low distortion and bigger margins of overloading. With switch S1, we can isolate the EQ. inside or except operation, leaving the musical signal to pass without no alteration.. visit page.

5 Band Graphic Equalizer Circuit

This circuit is for graphic equalizer that can build with low components count and control using LA3600 single IC chip. The internal design of the chip uses transistors gyrator circuit, with connections to external capacitors to set the response. This is the figure of the circuit. Sorry, this picture is not clear. This graphic equalizer circuit is suitable for tape-recorders, radio-cassette recorders, car stereos, or home theater sound systems. Maximum supply voltage VCC max 20V must not be exceeded. The operating voltage is in the range of 5 to 15V. [Schematic diagram source: SANYO Electric`s Application Notes].
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Octave Equalizer Circuit

This circuit is one section of an octave equalizer used in audio systems. The table shows the values of CI and C2 that are needed to achieve the given center frequencies. This circuit is capable of 12 dB boost or cut, as determined by the position of R2. Because of the low input bias current of the OP-08, the resistors could be scaled up by a factor of 10, and thereby reduce the values of CI and C2 at the low-frequency end. via

5-band stereo equalizer circuit

FEATURES: • Monolithic integrated 5-band stereo equalizer circuit • Five filters for each channel • Centre frequency, bandwidth and maximum boost/cut defined by external components • Choise for variable or constant Q-factor via I2C software • Defeat mode • All stages are DC-coupled • I2C-bus control for all functions • Two different modul addresses programmable.
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The 5-band stereo equalizer is an 12C-bus controlled tone processor for application in car radio sets, TV sets and music centres. It offers the possibility of sound control as well as equalization of sound pressure behaviour of different rooms or loudspeakers, especially in cars.
Circuit diagram:
Datasheet for TEA6360:Download