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Preamplifier and Equalizer TDA1523

FEATURES • Two independent amplifiers with open-loop gain of 90 dB (typical) • Internal DC feedback via 140 kΩ resistor from output to feedback point • AC characteristics that can be determined externally by an RC network • Electronic on/off switching with transient suppression for switch on • Head input at DC ground that eliminates the input coupling capacitor • Minimum external component requirement • Stability down to a gain of 30 dB • Low input noise • Low distortion • DC input current <2 µA. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The TDA1523 is a playback amplifier for car radio/cassette players.
Circuit diagram: Datasheet for TDA1523:Download

LA3600 Equalizer 5 band

Applications:Portable component stereos, tape-recorders, radio-cassette recorders, car stereos.Features:On-chip one operational amplifier.5-band graphic equalizer for one channel can be formed easily by externally connecting capacitors and variable resistors which fix fo (resonance frequency).Series connection of two LA3600’s makes multiband (6 to 10 bands) available.Highly stable to capacitive load.LA3600 Circuit diagram:
LA3600 pcb: