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70 W power amplifier circuit

Very high output power, operating from a single low supply voltageLow power dissipation, when used for music signalsSwitches to low output power at too high case temperaturesFew external componentsFixed gainDifferential inputs with high common mode rejectionMode select pin (on, mute and standby)Status I/O pin (class-H, class-B and fast mute)All switching levels with hysteresisDiagnostic pin with information about:Dynamic Distortion Detector (DDD)Any short-circuit at outputsOpen load detectorTemperature protection.No switch-on or switch-off plopsFast mute on supply voltage dropsQuick start option (e.g. car-telephony/navigation)Low (delta) offset voltage at the outputsLoad dump protectionShort-circuit safe to ground, supply voltage and across the loadLow power dissipation in any short-circuit conditionProtected against electrostatic dischargeThermally protectedFlexible leads.
The TDA1562Q is a monolithic integrated 70 W/4 Ω Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) class-H high…