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17 Watt dual BTL Audio Power Amplifier HA13127

Datasheet for HA13127: Download

Dual BTL 20W Audio Power Amplifier

Circuit Diagram:

5Wx2 10Wx2 25Wx2 40Wx2 Dual BTL class-D power audio amplifier AD199x

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The AD199x is a two channel Bridge Tied Load (BTL)  switching audio power amplifier with integrated ∑∆ modulator.  The modulator accepts a 1Vrms input signal (maximum power)  and generates a switching waveform to drive speakers directly.  One of the two modulators can control both output stages  providing twice the current for single-channel applications. A digital, microcontroller-compatible interface provides control of reset, mute and PGA gain as well as output signals for thermal and over-current error conditions. The output stage can operate  from supply voltages ranging from 8V to 20V. The analog  modulator and digital logic operate from a 5V supply. 
AD1990: 5Wx2 (10Wx1) AD1992: 10Wx2 (20Wx1) AD1994: 25Wx2 (50Wx1) AD1996: 40Wx2 (80Wx1) 

FEATURES: Integrated Stereo Modulator & Power Stage 0.005% THD+N 101.5dB Dynamic Range PSRR > 65 dB RDS-ON < 0.3 Ω (per transistor) Efficiency > 80% @ 5W/6 Ω EMI Optimized Modulator On-Off-Mute Pop Noise Suppression…