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Digital TV sound demodulator/decoder

• Sound IF (SIF) input switch
• SIF AGC with 24 dB control range
• Switchable 10 dB SIF input attenuator
• SIF 8-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
• Easy TV standard programming option
• Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (DQPSK) demodulation for different standards, simultaneously with 1-channel FM demodulation
• NICAM decoding (B/G, D/K, I and L standard)
• 2-carrier multi-standard FM demodulation (B/G, D/K and M standard)
• Single carrier high deviation FM mono demodulation mode
• Decoding for three analog multi-channel systems (A2) and satellite sound
• Adaptive de-emphasis for satellite
• Programmable identification (B/G, D/K and M standard) and different identification times
• FM pilot carrier presence detector
• Optional AM demodulation for system L, simultaneously with NICAM
• Monitor selection for FM/AM demodulator outputs and FM and NICAM signals with peak option
• Automatic FM dematrixing option
• Digital crossbar switch
• I2S-bus serial audio output w…