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Auto Amplifier Wiring Diagram

In whis circuit is designed a simple connection between audio componets.


30W Power Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Description: TIP141 si a npn silicon power darling tons designed for complementary use with TIP145, TIP146 and TP147. Can stand up to 125 W at 25°C Case Temperature, 10 A Continuous Collector Currentand has a minimum hFE of 1000 at 4 V, 5 A. This home audio amplifier can output 30W with a +- 32V symmetric power supply. If you want a stereo power amplifier please check out the other schematics. Features:
Circuit diagram:

Layout PartlistR1=1KohmR16-17=270ohmD1=9.1V 0.4W zenerR2=47KohmR18=22ohm 1WD2-3=1N4148R3=1.5KohmR19=NCQ1-2=BC550CR4-5=10KohmR20-21=0.39ohm 4WQ3=MPSA56R6=5.6KohmTR1=250ohm trimmerQ4=BC547BR7=10ohmC1=470nF 100V MKTQ5=BC212R8=47KohmC2=1nF 100V MKTQ6=BC183R9=560ohmC3=68pF ceramicQ7-8=MPSAO6R10-11=8.2KohmC4-8=22nF 100V MKTQ9=TIP141R12-15=120ohmC5-6-7=100nF 100V MKTQ10=TIP146R13=680ohmC9=47uF 25VF1-2=1.6AT FUSER14=330ohmC10-11=220uF 63VAll the resistors is 1/4W 1%except quote differently

Car amplifier circuit with IC BA532

Minimum Voltage required for this circuit 6 volt and maximum voltage 18 volt . Its can use to amplifier on the electronic devices such us Radio , DVD , MP4 , MP5 , and etc. To amplify the signal sound to audio sound , If you want to bring amplfier you can use the 6V rechargeable battery is able to turn it. What use the rechargeable battery ? because with rechargeable battery when battery runs out , you can charge back. See Amplifier schematic with IC BA511 below :
Maximum output power 10 Watt with impedance 4 ohm. The circuit is mono amplifier. You can use the circuit to caramplifier because support to low power subwoofer speaker

Amplifier circuit TDA 1524A

Description This amplifier can control the volume, balance and tone controls take over. The circuit operates a specially designed IC, LM 1036. The advantage is that few external components are necessary, and that may be, which are cheaper. Used for controlling monopotmeters speaks scheme for itself. S1 loudness can be adjusted. In the position shown, the loudness. Moreover, the IC TDA 1524A Philips same capabilities.
Circuit Diagram
Part list: R1-R4 = 47 kP1-P4 = 47 kC1 = 47 uFC2, C3 = 470 nFC4, C5, C16 = 10 nFC6, C7 = 10 uFC8, C9 = 390 nFC10-C13 = 220 nFC14, C15 = 4.7 uFIC1 = LM 1036

Amplifier Circuit Diagram Class D