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2 x 50 Watt High Efficiency Power Amplifier

General Description:
     The DDX-2060 power device is a monolithic dual  channel H-Bridge that can provide up to 50 watts  per channel of audio power at very high  efficiency. The DDX-2060 power device contains a logic interface, integrated bridge  drivers, high efficiency MOSFET output transistors and protection circuitry. The device  may be used as a dual bridge or reconfigured as  a single bridge with double the output current capability.  The benefits of the DDX amplification system are  an all-digital design that eliminates the need for a  digital to analog converter (DAC) and the high  efficiency operation derived from the use of Apogee's patented damped ternary pulse width  modulation (PWM). This approach provides an  efficiency advantage over conventional Class-D  designs and up to three times the efficiency of  typical Class A/B amplifiers with music input  signals. 
Circuit Diagram: