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22 W bridge/stereo audio amplifier with clipping detector

Features: Very few external componentsNo Boucherot cellsNo bootstrap capacitorsHigh output powerNo switch on/off noiseVery low standby currentFixed gain (20 dB stereo)Programmable turn-on delayClipping detectorProtections:Output AC-DC short circuit to ground and to supply voltageVery inductive loadsLoudspeaker protectionOverrating chip temperatureLoad dump voltageFortuitous open groundESD
The TDA7360 is a new technology class AB Audio Power Amplifier in the Multiwatt® package designed for car radio applications. Thanks to the fully complementary PNP/NPN  output configuration the high power performance  of the TDA7360 is obtained without bootstrap  capacitors. A delayed turn-on mute circuit eliminates audible  on/off noise, and a novel short circuit protection system prevents spurious intervention with highly  inductive loads. The device provides a circuit for the detection of  clipping in the output stages. The output, an open  collector, is able to drive systems with autom…