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3 x 90 Watt Amplifier circuit diagram

3 x 90 Watt Amplifier circuit diagram - 
STK413-000 amplifier is are class H audio power amplifier hybrid ICs that feature a built-in shift power supply circuit. These Provide ICs high efficiency audio power amplification by controlling (switching) the supply voltage supplied to the power transistor.

Stereo 300W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram LM SeriesLM 4702BTA

Feature of LM 4702BTA
Very High Voltage Operation
Scalable Output Power
Minimum External Components
External Compensation
Thermal Shutdown and Mute

Typical Audio Amplifier Application Circuit LM 4702BTA

18 Watt Audio Amplifier circuit diagram

Amplifier parts:
P1____22K Log. Potentiometer (Dual-gang for stereo)
R1___1K 1/4W Resistor
R2___4K7 1/4W Resistor
R3___100R 1/4W Resistor
R4___4K7 1/4W Resistor
R5___82K 1/4W Resistor
R6___10R 1/2W Resistor
R7___R22 4W Resistor (wirewound)
R8___1K 1/2W Trimmer Cermet (optional)
C1___470nF 63V Polyester Capacitor
C2,C5___100µF 3V Tantalum bead Capacitors
C3,C4___470µF 25V Electrolytic Capacitors
C6___100nF 63V Polyester Capacitor
D1___1N4148 75V 150mA Diode
IC1___TLE2141C Low noise, high voltage, high slew-rate Op-amp
Q1___BC182 50V 100mA NPN Transistor
Q2___BC212 50V 100mA PNP Transistor
Q3___TIP42A 60V 6A PNP Transistor
Q4___TIP41A 60V 6A NPN Transistor
J1___RCA audio input socket

FM Stereo Transmitter circuit diagram

This circuit is a circuit diagram is included in the RF circuit. FM Transmitter circuit diagram using the IC BH1417. Where the integrated circuit design from RHOM which includes many features in one small package. He came with pre-emphasis, limiter so that music can be transmitted in the same audio level, stereo encoder for stereo transmission, visit page.

22 Watt Stereo Amplifier circuit diagram.

22 Watt Stereo Amplifier circuit diagram. This circuit can be used for audio home amplifier and car audio amplifiers. It is extremely simple design, inexpensive and very easy to build. Even a newbie hobbyst will easy assemble this circuit. The scheme given here is a car stereo amplifier circuit can be used in That car or other vehicle. The circuit is based TDA1553, which is aClass-Baudioamplifier. As you can see this circuitisverysimple, consisting onlyof theICand thecapacitor6. Here is a circuit diagram of car stereo. This 20w car audio amplifier circuit described hereoffers a20 wattboosterthatwillallow youtorealize thepower amplifierwith which one canincrease the poweroutputfromthe carstereoup to20Wattsmaximum. The inputINis connected to theoutputof thereceiver, Uoutputis connectedto the speakeras shownoncaraudioamplifierscheme. via

47 Watt 4-channel Audio Power Circuit Diagram

The TB2903HQ is 4-ch BTL audio amplifier for car audio applications. This IC can generate higher power: POUT MAX = 47 W as it includes the pure complementary P-ch and N-ch DMOS output stage. It is designed to yield low distortion ratio for 4-ch BTL audio power amplifier, built-in standby function, muting function, and various kinds of protectors. Additionally, Off-set detector is built in.  Features  High power output POUT MAX (1) = 47 W (typ.) VCC = 14.4 V, f = 1 kHz, JEITA max, RL = 4 Ω) Built-in standby switch function (pin 4) Built-in muting function (pin 22) Built-in Off-set detection function (pin 25) Thermal shut down, overvoltage, out to GND, out to VCC, out to out short Operating supply voltage: VCC (opr) = 9~18 V (RL = 4 Ω) Circuit Diagam: Datasheet for  TB2903HQ:Download

Dual 40W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute

Circuit Diagram:

400W Subwoofer amplifer circuit

Class-T architecture with proprietary DPP “Audiophile” Sound Quality Full Audio Bandwidth, 20Hz to 20kHz High Efficiency Supports wide range of output power levels and output loads by changing supply voltage  and external Mosfets Compatible with unregulated power supplies Output over-current protection Over- and under-voltage protection Over-temperature protection 48-Pin LQFP PackageDescription
The TDA1400 is a one-channel, Amplifier Driver that uses Tripath’s proprietary Digital Power Processing  (DPPTM) technology. The TDA1400 offers higher integration over previous Tripath amplifiers driver  chipsets while providing exceptional audio performance for real world applications. Class-T amplifiers offer both the audio fidelity of Class-AB and the power efficiency of Class-D amplifiers. The TDA1400 is typically configured as a single supply, bridged output. This makes the power supply requirements simpler and maximizes the output power for a given voltage rail. Additionally, the …

TDA8510J power amplifiers 2 x 13 + 26W

General Description for TDA8510J:

The TDA8510J is an integrated class-B output amplifier in a 17-lead single-in-line (SIL) power package. It contains a 26 W Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) amplifier and 2 × 13 W Single-Ended (SE) amplifiers. The device is primarily developed for multi-media applications and active speaker systems (stereo with subwoofer).

Features of TDA8510J:
Requires very few external componentsHigh output powerLow output offset voltage (BTL channel)Fixed gainDiagnostic facility (distortion, short-circuit and temperature detection)Good ripple rejectionMode select switch (operating, mute and standby)AC and DC short-circuit safe to ground and to VPLow power dissipation in any short-circuit conditionThermally protectedReverse polarity safeElectrostatic discharge protectionNo switch-on/switch-off plopFlexible leadsLow thermal resistanceIdentical inputs (inverting and non-inverting)..
Circuit diagram for TDA8510J:
Datasheet for TDA8510J:Download Where you can buy TDA8510J:Aliexpress