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TDA8560Q Audio amplifier 2x40W

TDA8560Q general description:Unfortunately, some of the proposed scheme in the network and even a scheme recommended by the developer (Philips), fail to achieve the desired result. As an example of how not to suggest that you include the TDA8560 material published on Online Soldering: Car Amplifier 2x40 Watt (I should note that everything except the input circuits and the number of points on diet, still deserves attention). the initial inclusion of IMS (at power up, the load is connected and there is no input signal) can throw you into a state of perplexity / mild shock (it depends on the degree of hope is for your TDA). Chip is unstable, there are noises when the input signal is amplified last weakly and passed with distortions. IC bypass surgery fixed resistor at the input, the other measures in consultation with the source device does not help. Why and what to do? Really caught Palen chip and will have to buy a new one? Not so fast! The fact that Philips did not include measures t…

TDA7375 Audio Amplifier 2x35W

TDA7375 general description:
Circuit of quadruple audio amplifier using integrated circuit TDA7235 for systems surround. Circuit of quadruple amplifier for systems surround using the ci tda7375, for potency of 7 watts for channel in the version amplifying quad or 15 watts in the dual version (stereo). could arrive to 35 watts in the version.TDA7235 is a circuit integrated amplifier quadruple audio amplifier class AB capable to work in double bridge or simple quadruple amplifiers, circuit integrated with protection system of short, it requests the minimum of external components, available in multiwat 15H (TDA7375H) and multiwat 15V (TDA7375V). Although the first conception went to automotives pplications , to give him/it in a great variety of applications of low potency. That integrated circuit is ideal in the situation in that is wanted a reasonable potency and with a Power tension relatively low for your operation. That circuit drawn below it uses the basic configuration of quadruple …

70W Stereo Audio Amplifier

This is a stereo amplifier circuit diagram. The amplifier will produce stereo output channel with the power audio output can reach up to 70W for each channel. The amplifier built based great amplifier chip STA550 from STMicroelectronics. Take a note that this amplifier is a bridge amplifier, the speaker`s terminal should not connected to the groun visit page.

Schematic for Dual Pre Amplifier With A Music Search For Auto Reverse Car Stereo

24 W BTL or 2 x 12 W stereo car radio power amplifier

General Description: The TDA1515BQ is a monolithic integrated class-B output amplifier in a 13-lead single in-line (SIL) plastic power package. The device is primarily developed for car radio applications, and also to drive low-impedance loads (down to 1,6 Ω). At a supply voltage VP = 14,4 V, an output power of 24 W can be delivered into a 4 Ω BTL (Bridge Tied Load), or, when used as stereo amplifier, it delivers 2 × 12 W into 2 Ω or 2 × 7 W into 4 Ω. 
Features: flexibility in use − mono BTL as well as stereohigh output powerlow offset voltage at the output (important for BTL)large usable gain variationvery good ripple rejectioninternal limited bandwidth for high frequencieslow stand-by current possibility (typ. 1 µA), to simplify required switches; TTL drive possiblelow number and small sized external componentshigh reliability.he following currently required protections are incorporated in the circuit. These protections also have positive influenceon reliability in the applications.loa…

47 Watt BTL Audio Power Amplifier 4-channel

General Description: The TA8273H is 4 ch BTL audio power amplifier for car audio  application.  This IC can generate more high power: POUTMAX = 47 W as it  is included the pure complementary PNP and NPN transistor  output stage.  It is designed low distortion ratio for 4 ch BTL audio power  amplifier, built-in stand-by function, muting function, and  diagnosis circuit which can detect output to VCC/GND short,  output offset voltage and over voltage input mode. Additionally, the AUX amplifier and various kind of protector  for car audio use are built-in.  Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA8273: Download

40 W BTL x 4CH Audio Power IC

General Description: The TA8260AH is 4 ch BTL audio power amplifier for car audio  application.  This IC can generate more high power: POUT MAX = 40 W as it is  included the pure complementary PNP and NPN transistor  output stage.  It is designed low distortion ratio for 4 ch BTL audio power  amplifier, built-in Stand-by Function, Muting Function, Clip  detector, and diagnosis circuit.  Additionally, the AUX. amplifier is built-in, it can make the beep  signal etc. output to 2 channels (OUT1 and 4).  It contains various kind of protectors for car audio use.  Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA8260AH:Download

2 x 20 W BTL amplifiers

General Description: The IC incorporates the following functions: 4 × 6 W SE amplifies without SE capacitor, because of the availability of 2 half supply voltage power buffers. 2. 2 × 20 W BTL amplifiers. Automatic switching between 2 and 4 speaker operation. The mode of operation is determined during start-up. This amplifier is protected for all general short-circuit conditions to battery or ground, overvoltage, 45 V load dump and short-circuits on the speaker outputs. The IC is contained in a 20-pin power HSOP package, but is also available in a 17-pin SIL power package. When packaged in the 20-pin HSOP package additional functions are available: DDD level selection between 2 and 10% Overrule pin for changing mode of operation (from SE to BTL or from BTL to SE). Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA8586:Download

2 x 80 W class-D audio amplifier

General Description: The TDA8927 is the switching power stage of a two-chip set for a high efficiency class-D audio power amplifier system. The system is split into two chips:  • TDA8927J/ST/TH; a digital power stage in a DBS17P, RDBS17P or HSOP24 power package • TDA8929T; the analog controller chip in a SO24 package.      With this chip set a compact 2 × 80 W audio amplifier system can be built, operating with high efficiency and very low dissipation. No heatsink is required, or depending on supply voltage and load, a very small one. The system operates over a wide supply voltage range from ±15 up to ±30 V and consumes a very low quiescent current. Circuit Diagram:

12W AF Power Amplifier for Car Radio, Car Stereo

Circuit Diagram: