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2 x 15 W stereo Bridge Tied Load (BTL) audio amplifier

General description:
The TDA8946J is a dual-channel audio power amplifier with an output power of 2 × 15 W at an 8 Ω load and a 18 V supply. The circuit contains two Bridge Tied Load (BTL) amplifiers with an all-NPN output stage and standby/mute logic. The TDA8946J comes in a 17-pin DIL-bent-SIL (DBS) power package. The TDA8946J is printed-circuit board (PCB) compatible with all other types in the TDA894x family. One PCB footprint accommodates both the mono and the stereo products.

Few external componentsFixed gainStandby and mute modeNo on/off switching plopsLow standby currentHigh supply voltage ripple rejectionOutputs short-circuit protected to ground, supply and across the loadThermally protectedPrinted-circuit board compatibleCircuit Diagram: PCB layout:

Datasheet for TDA8946J:Download

Stereo 2-W Audio Power Amplifier

Stereo 2.7-W Audio Power Amplifier

Features: Low Operating Current with 14mA ImprovedDepop Circuitry to Eliminate Turn-on and Turn-off Transients in Outputs High PSRR 32 Steps VolumeAdjustable by DC Voltage with Hysteresis 2W per Channel Output Power into 4W Load at 5V, BTL Mode Two Output ModesAllowable with BTL and SE Modes Selected by SE/BTL pin Low Current Consumption in Shutdown Mode (50mA) Short Circuit Protection Power Off Depop Circuit Integration PDIP-16 & SOP-16 PackagesAvailable Lead FreeAvailable (RoHS Compliant)

General Description:
APA2065 is a monolithic integrated circuit, which provides precise DC volume control, and a stereo bridged audio power amplifiers capable of producing 2.7W(2.0W) into 3W withless than10%(1.0%)THD+N. The attenuatorrange of the volumecontrol inAPA2065 is from 20dB (DC_Vol=0V) to -80dB (DC_Vol=3.54V) with 32 steps. The advantage of internal gain setting can be less components and PCB area. Both of the depop circuitry and the thermal shutdown protection circuitry are integrated in APA2065, …

TDA1552Q 2 x 22 W BTL stereo car radio power amplifier

The TDA1552Q is an integrated class-B output amplifier in a 13-lead single-in-line (SIL) plastic power package. The circuit contains 2 x 22 W amplifiers in Bridge Tied Load (BTL) configuration. The device is primarily developed for car radio applications.
Requires very few external componentsHigh output powerLow offset voltage at outputsFixed gainGood ripple rejectionMute/stand-by switchLoad dump protectionAC and DC short-circuit-safe to ground and VPThermally protectedReverse polarity safeCapability to handle high energy on outputs (VP = 0 V)Protected against electrostatic dischargeNo switch-on/switch-off plopLow thermal resistanceFlexible leads.Circuit diagram: