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35 W BTL x 4 ch Audio Power IC

General Description: The TA8276H is 4 ch BTL audio power amplifier for car audio application. This IC can generate more high power: POUTMAX = 35 W as it is included the pure complementary PNP and NPN transistor output stage. It is designed low distortion ratio for 4 ch BTL audio power amplifier, built-in stand-by function, muting function, output clipping detection and diagnosis circuit which can detect output to VCC/GND short and over voltage input mode. Additionally, the AUX amplifier and various kind of protector for car audio use are built-in.  Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TA8276:Download

40 W BTL x 4CH Audio Power IC

General Description: The TA8260AH is 4 ch BTL audio power amplifier for car audio  application.  This IC can generate more high power: POUT MAX = 40 W as it is  included the pure complementary PNP and NPN transistor  output stage.  It is designed low distortion ratio for 4 ch BTL audio power  amplifier, built-in Stand-by Function, Muting Function, Clip  detector, and diagnosis circuit.  Additionally, the AUX. amplifier is built-in, it can make the beep  signal etc. output to 2 channels (OUT1 and 4).  It contains various kind of protectors for car audio use.  Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA8260AH:Download

14 Watt BTL Audio Power Amplifier

2 x 20 W BTL amplifiers

General Description: The IC incorporates the following functions: 4 × 6 W SE amplifies without SE capacitor, because of the availability of 2 half supply voltage power buffers. 2. 2 × 20 W BTL amplifiers. Automatic switching between 2 and 4 speaker operation. The mode of operation is determined during start-up. This amplifier is protected for all general short-circuit conditions to battery or ground, overvoltage, 45 V load dump and short-circuits on the speaker outputs. The IC is contained in a 20-pin power HSOP package, but is also available in a 17-pin SIL power package. When packaged in the 20-pin HSOP package additional functions are available: DDD level selection between 2 and 10% Overrule pin for changing mode of operation (from SE to BTL or from BTL to SE). Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA8586:Download

Two-Channel 20 W BTL Audio Power Amplifier

The LA4628 is a 2-channel general-purpose BTL audio power amplifier provided in a miniature package. It was designed for the best possible audio quality and features an extended low band roll-off frequency provided by a newly-developed NF circuit that does not require an external capacitor. Furthermore, crosstalk, which can cause muddiness in the audio output, has been significantly reduced by both circuit and wiring pattern improvements. Thus this amplifier can provide powerful lows an clear highs. Note that this device is pin compatible with the 13.5 W × 2-channel LA4625, and allows end products differentiated by their power rating to share the same printed circuit board.
Features: Total output: 20 W + 20 W (at VCC = 13.5 V, RL = 4 Ω,THD = 10%)High-fidelity design (fL < 10 Hz, fH = 130 kHz)Extremely low impulse noise levelsAn arbitrary amplifier startup time can be set up with external components.Full complement of built-in protection circuits (includes circuits that prote…

315-W Mono BTL Digital Amplifier Power Stage

View datasheet: click

2 x 200W or 400W BTL Power Amplifier

Description STA516B is a monolithic quad half-bridge stage in multipower BCD technology. The device can be used as dual bridge or reconfigured, by connecting pin CONFIG to pins VDD, as a single  bridge with double-current capability or as a half bridge (binary mode) with half current capability. The device is designed, particularly, to be the  output stage of a stereo all digital high efficiency  amplifier. It is capable of delivering 200 W + 200 W into 6  loads with THD = 10% at VCC = 51 V or, in single BTL configuration, 400 W  into a 3 load with THD = 10% at VCC = 52 V. The input pins have a threshold proportional to the voltage on pin VL. The STA516B is aimed at audio amplifiers in hi-fi applications, such as home theatre systems, active speakers and docking stations. It comes in a 36 pin PowerSO package with exposed pad up (EPU).
Features Low input/output pulse width distortion200 m RdsON complementary DMOS output stageCMOS compatible logic inputsThermal protectionThermal warnin…

45W BTL Audio Amplifier

General Description
The TA8225H, TA8225L is BTL audio power amplifier for consumer application. It is designed for high power, low distortion and low noise.  It contains various kind of protectors and the function of stand−by SW. In addition, the functions of output short or over voltage  detection and junction temperature are involved.
Circuit Diagram

4 x 45 W power amplifier

General description
The TDA8593J is a complementary quad BTL audio power amplifier made in BCDMOS technology. It contains four independent amplifiers in Bridge Tied Load (BTL) configuration. Through the I2C-bus, the diagnostic information of each amplifier and speaker can be read separately. Both front and both rear channel amplifiers can be configured independently in line driver mode with a gain of 20 dB.
I2C-bus controlHardware programmable I2C-bus addressCan drive a 2 Ω load with a battery voltage of up to 16 V and a 4 Ω load with a battery voltage of up to 18 VDC-load detection: open, short and presentAC-load (tweeter) detectionProgrammable clip detection: 1 % or 3 %Programmable thermal protection pre-warningIndependent short-circuit protection per channelLow gain line driver mode (20 dB)Loss-of-ground and open VP safeAll outputs protected from short-circuit to ground, to VP, or across the loadAll pins protected from short-circuit to groundSoft thermal clipping to prevent a…

4 x 6W Power amplifier with load detection and auto BTL/SE selection

Circuit Diagram:

TDA8580 Multi-purpose power amplifier 4 x 20 W


Operating voltage from 8 to 28 VLow distortionFew external components, fixed gainHigh output powerCan be used as a stereo amplifier in bridge-tied load (BTL) or quad single-ended (SE) amplifiersSingle-ended mode without loudspeaker capacitorMute and standby mode with one- or two-pin operationDiagnostic information for Dynamic Distortion Detector (DDD), high temperature (145 °C) and short-circuitNo switch on/off plops when switching between‘standby’ to ‘mute’ and from ‘mute’ to ‘on’Low offset variation at outputs between ‘mute’ and ‘on’Fast mute on supply voltage drops.

Reverse polarity safeShort-circuit proof to ground, positive supply voltage on all pins and across loadESD protected on all pinsThermal protection against temperatures exceeding 150 °CLoad dump protectionProtected against open-circuit ground pins and output short-circuited to supply ground.

The TDA8580 is a stereo bridge-tied load (BTL) or a quad single-ended amplifier that operates ov…

TDA1556Q 2 x 22 W stereo BTL differential amplifier with speaker protection

Few peripheral components High output power Low output offset voltage Fixed gain Loudspeaker protection (with diagnostic facility) Differential inputs Dynamic Distortion Detector (DDD) High common mode input signal Very high CMRR Good ripple rejection Mute/stand-by switch Load dump protection Short-circuit safe Thermally protected Reverse polarity safe High energy handling capability at the outputs (VP = 0 V) Electrostatic discharge protection No switch-on/switch-off plop Flexible leads Low thermal resistance
TDA1556Q is a monolithic integrated class-B output amplifier containing two 22 Watt amplifiers in a BTL configuration. The device is contained in a 17-lead single-in-line (SIL) plastic power package. It has two differential inputs and is primarily intended for car booster applications.
Circuit Diagram:

4 × 25 W BTL quad car radio power amplifier

General Description
The TDA8568Q is a integrated class-B output amplifier in a 23-lead Single-In-Line (SIL) plastic power package. It contains four amplifiers in BTL configuration, each with a gain of 40 dB. The output power is 4 × 25 W in a 4 Ω load.
Circuit Diagram

24 W BTL or 2 x 12 W stereo car radio power amplifier


The TDA1510AQ is a class-B integrated output amplifier encapsulated in a 13-lead single in-line (SlL) plastic power package. Developed primarily for car radio application, the device can also be used to drive low impedance loads (down to 1,6 Ω). With a supply voltage (VP) of 14,4 V, an output power of 24 W can be delivered into a 4 Ω Bridge Tied Load (BTL), or when used as a stereo amplifier, 2 × 12 W into 2 Ω or 2 × 7 W into 4 Ω.

Flexibility − stereo as well as mono BTLLow offset voltage at the output (important for BTL)Load dump protectionA.C. short-circuit-safe to groundLow number, small sized external componentsInternal limiting of bandwidth for high frequenciesHigh output powerLarge useable gain variationGood ripple rejectionThermal protectionLow stand-by current possibilityHigh reliability.Circuit diagram:

Datasheet for TDA1510:Download