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AM/FM Radio with Audio Power Amplifier TDA1083

Circuit diagram:

Datasheet for TDA1083: Download

TDA1572 AM receiver circuit

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The TDA1572 integrated AM receiver circuit performs all the active functions and part of the filtering required of an AM radio receiver. It is intended for use in mains-fed home receivers and car radios. The circuit can be used for oscillator frequencies up to 50 MHz and can handle RF signals up to 500 mV. RF radiation and sensitivity to interference are minimized by an almost symmetrical design. The controlled-voltage oscillator provides signals with extremely low distortion and high spectral purity over the whole frequency range, even when tuning with variable capacitance diodes. If required, band switching diodes can easily be applied. Selectivity is obtained using a block filter before the IF amplifier. Features: Inputs protected against damage by static dischargeGain-controlled RF stageDouble balanced mixerSeparately buffered, voltage-controlled and temperature-compensated oscillator, designed for simple coilsGain-controlled IF stage with wide AGC rangeFull-wav…