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5.4W Dual Audio Power Amplifier

General Description:
The BA5415A and BA5416 are dual power amplifier ICs that operate off a 9V to 15V supply. When driving a 4Ω load off a 9V supply, the BA5415A does not require a heatsink. The BA5416 uses a lost-cost package. The basic characteristics (total harmonic distortion etc.) of the amplifiers are excellent, and both ICs include a standby switch function. Features

High output.POUT = 5.4W (VCC = 12V, RL = 3Ω and THD = 10%)POUT = 2.5W (VCC = 9V, RL = 4Ω and THD = 10%)Excellent audio quality.THD = 0.1% (f = 1kHz, PO = 0.5W)VNO = 0.3mVrms (Rg = 10kΩ)RR = 60dB (fRR = 100Hz)Wide operating power supply voltage range.VCC = 5.0V to 18.0V (BA5416 : 5.0V to 15.0V)Switching noise (ìpopî noise) generated when the power is switched on and off is small.Ripple mixing when motor starts has been prevented.Built-in thermal shutout.Built-in standby switch.Output is not influenced by the standby pin voltage.Mute time does not depend on VCC.Soft clipping.Heatsink not required  (for BA5415A, with VCC…